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Sunday, December 31, 2006 | 0 comments

During our walk down into the canyon near Chavarillo Esme and I found several scorpions (Diplocentrus species). I found a large adult specimen hiding under a fallen log. In my experience this scorpion species is quite skittisch and their main line of defense seems to be their huge claws.

Rawr! Diplocentrus species with claws ready to pinch.
Rawr! Diplocentrus species with claws ready to pinch.

Earlier on the same day I got stung in my hand by a juvenile specimen of the same scorpion species. I let the small animal walk on my fingers, and when it fell off, into my hand palm, it decided that its stinger was perfectly made to anchor itself. The sting was hardly painful, maybe also because it was not used in defense or capturing a prey.

You can read more on our adventures during that day in The canyon near Chavarillo.

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