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Are you looking for an experienced and professional Perl programmer who

In short: someone who can help you out with your Perl related needs? Stop looking, and read on...

XML parsing and data processing

I have a lot of experience with XML parsing and processing using Perl. For example, most of this web site is generated from a growing set of XML files using the XML::Twig module. In order to speed up this process I am currently working on a solution using XML::Parser in combination with several modules I have written. Quite a number of Perl projects I have done were centered around fast data processing using well thought out algorithms.

Perl programs with a graphical user interface

I also have programmed several Perl applications with a graphical user interface (GUI) using mostly WxWidgets. For application deployment I am use the Perl Archive toolkit (PAR) which makes it possible to turn the Perl program, including all necessary modules and the interpreter itself, into a stand alone executable file.

Code reuse and CPAN

As a professional Perl programmer I use the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN) - a large collection of Perl modules written by skilled Perl programmers - to shorten the development time of many Perl projects. In cases I have to write my own modules I use Object Oriented design when possible and appropriate.

Academic background

I have a master degree in the design of algorithms (MSc, University of Utrecht, the Netherlands) and a bachelor degree in hardware and software design (BSc, TH Rijswijk, the Netherlands). I also have experience with several other programming languages, most importantly Java.

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More information

See the following links to my company website for more information, including my rates.

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