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I have been using the programming language Perl for over 14 years on various operating systems like Acorn's RISC OS, Microsoft Windows (ActivePerl), UNIX, SGI IRIX, GNU/Linux. I can be hired as a skilled freelance Perl programmer for both new Perl projects as well as for providing support on existing Perl programs.

(Just) a scripting language

Don't let people fool you because they call Perl "(just) a scripting language (and not a real programming language)". Ask them to define what a scripting language exactly is. Next, explain to them that the perl executable first compiles (and optimizes) the Perl script, and then interprets the result. In what way does this differ from a "real" programming language like Java or C#? In short: Perl is a programming language.

Perl help in exchange for books

If you have a small Perl programming request, you can always try tempting me to write it for you in exchange for books on my Wish List. See Perl help in exchange for books. For larger Perl projects consider hiring me.

Free Perl Examples

I have written some small Perl example programs, and some other Perl related articles. Feel free to contact me if a script doesn't work anymore. Some rely on external sources that may change over time.


Some general Perl programming help and tips.

Google API and Perl

Information on how to install Net-Google to access the Google API and some example Perl programs.

Web automation

How to fill in a form on a website, obtain the result page, and process the information using Perl.

XML processing using Perl

Perl CGI scripts

Examples of CGI scripts written in Perl.

Database interfacing

Search engine optimization tools

Tools which help you with search engine optimization (SEO) related tasks.

Professional Perl programmer for hire

Contact me if you need an experienced Perl programmer. I have been using Perl since 1994 and have a solid academic background (Utrecht University, the Netherlands).

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