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Professional support on Perl programs and modules | 2 comments

As a freelance Perl programmer I am able to give you support on existing Perl programs, CGI scripts, and Perl modules. I can also add documentation to Perl modules and programs that lack this useful feature due to past time constraints.

Moreover I am also able to convert existing Perl programs and modules to a more readable and hence better maintainable form, or even port Perl 4 programs to a more recent version of Perl 5.

Other forms of Perl support consist of modifying existing programs to new requirements, installation of CGI scripts written on Perl on your server.

If your Perl programmer suddenly left your employment for one reason or another I can provide my services until you have found someone else to fill the permanent position. Of course I can help to make the transfer of the project to your new employee as smooth as possible.

In some cases I am able to provide Perl support via a messenger program, for example MSN Messenger. Contact me if you require this service, but make sure that you provide some additional information in your email message as well, for example what the issue is, and what the new requirements are.

More information on Perl support

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