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As a freelance Perl programmer I am able to give you support on existing Perl programs, CGI scripts, and Perl modules. I can also add documentation to Perl modules and programs that lack this useful feature due to past time constraints.

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Hi, My name is Zino. I am a starter in Perl and i am having difficulty finding were i can practice my perl codes with a free host. I use an online book by Simon Cozens: Beginning Perl

I will be glad if you can give me a web host were i can use my perl scripts for free.

Yours Faithfully,


Posted by Zino at 14:03 GMT on 18 April 2007

@Zino - you might want to install the Apache HTTP server locally on your computer. Assuming you're using Windows XP Installing and configuring Apache on Windows XP: Virtual Hosts might be a good start.

Posted by John Bokma at 21:10 GMT on 23 April 2007

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