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Additional Perl modules I have installed

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Below follows a list of additional Perl modules I have installed with the version of ActivePerl (5.8.7, build 815) I am using:


I am currently working on a project that involves Microsoft SQL server, and hence I decided to install the ODBC driver (version 1.13) for DBI (the latter was also installed, version 1.49)

C:\>ppm install DBD-ODBC


Now and then I need to read a file in one go (slurp) into a scalar. Instead of writing my own slurping code I prefer to use this module (version 9999.09). It would be nice if it is going to be added to the core modules that come with Perl.

C:\>ppm install File-Slurp

See also: Perl: Slurping files and better relative URLs.


This website is generated from several XML files using a Perl program. In order to get the values of the width and the height attributes of the HTML img element right, I use this handy module (version 2.992).

C:\>ppm install Image-Size

See also: XML::Twig and Image::Size.


The driver for the MySQL database. Several of my own projects use MySQL and hence I have this driver installed (version 3.0002).

C:\>ppm install

See also: Installing DBD-mysql with ActiveState Perl.


I have written a small anti-spam Perl program which connects to a POP3 server, fetches the headers, and deletes quite some spam (roughly 50%) based on information in those headers. Mail::Header takes care of processing the headers, so I installed MailTools version 1.67, which contains Mail::Header.

C:\>ppm install MailTools


Some time ago I needed to email attachments, and found the MIME::Lite (version 3.01) module which makes this an easy task. I now and then use it also to send "normal" email.

C:\>ppm install MIME-Lite

See also: Case: insensitive.


The XML::RSS module (version 1.05) recently replaced my own RSS generation solution in the Perl program that creates the RSS web feed for this site, after I used it in a small Perl program I wrote. See Create an RSS web feed automatically for this example.

C:\>ppm install XML-RSS
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