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I have been using the programming language Perl for over 14 years on various operating systems like Acorn's RISC OS, Microsoft Windows (ActivePerl), UNIX, SGI IRIX, GNU/Linux. I can be hired as a skilled freelance Perl programmer for both new Perl projects as well as for providing support on existing Perl programs.

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Hi, you have posted this page in response to my question SWF "protection tools", I am wondering if you can write code that help me prevent users downloading flash movies in a website I am building and or prevent them from oopening the actionscript code. I am willing to pay a reasonable price.



Posted by Roni at 19:08 GMT on 15 September 2005

Hello John,

I would recommend that you register as a freelance Perl programmer at

There are many programming projects posted by clients on All you need to do is register at the site and bid on the projects. It's totally free and you can get some work that way.

Posted by Alpha Diallo at 16:27 GMT on 22 April 2006

@Alpha Diallo - I've had a quick peek in the past at similar sites, and the problem is that the people willing to do the work have hardly any programming skills, and the people "willing" to pay for it have hardly any money to pay (or just want it as cheap as possible).

The person getting most out of it, is the middle man, in case he/she requires a percentage.

For perl jobs I recommend The Perl Job site even though I never got any project out of it. The best option however is to become skilled, and make sure that your skills become known, for example show up in Google for "perl programmer", preferable on the first result page. I guess that's how you found me and this site in the first place.

Posted by John Bokma at 20:57 GMT on 28 April 2006

I need a perl code to measure CPU and Memory usage on Windows. Where can I find it?

Posted by Anand at 09:45 GMT on 10 May 2006

I'm having a big problem with programming in Perl. I'm doing my internship and I got this project to work on. I have a directory that contains a folder. This folder has 22 files and each files has a "default file" and inside the default files are two "blob" files. I'm trying to compare the timestamp of one of the blob file to another blob file in another directory. if you can help me out to understand how to access the blob file from the directory possibly the comparison to another blob file in another directory will be very much appreciated

Posted by raph at 10:32 GMT on 1 July 2006

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