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Backup each MySQL database to a separate file bash script

You're welcome, thanks!

Posted by John Bokma on March 16, 2012 18:42 GMT | 2 comments

CPAN: Writing Makefile ... NOT OK

Good to hear, Hans. You're welcome. Thanks for your post. I plan to post more often about Perl, so stay tuned.

Posted by John Bokma on March 16, 2012 18:42 GMT | 2 comments

Fixing a heatsink problem in a Compaq Presario

Thanks, and good to read that people are still fixing their computers based on what I wrote several years back. The computer mentioned in the blog post is still up and running, although I don't use it very often.

Posted by John Bokma on March 16, 2012 18:42 GMT | 17 comments

"Web Pages That Suck" sucks

@Robyn: as far as I know my site has never been listed by Mr. Flanders. I wrote this blog post years ago when I discovered that Flanders, who loves to pick on easy targets, at that time could list his own site as well. I am sure that he has fixed by now the issue I mentioned.

I hope you'll learn from your mistake to read better next time.

Posted by John on March 16, 2012 18:42 GMT | 8 comments

"Web Pages That Suck" sucks

Yes, Mr Flanders does act in rather a childish manner, but the best method to key is not for one to fight back, but for one to learn from their mistakes. Childish rebellions over the internet is not the key, and my apologies for your site being "sucked". I can only hope this is not too unsporting in the light of current events.

Posted by Robyn on March 15, 2012 09:32 GMT | 8 comments

Exploding 9V Duracell alkaline battery

The number and variety of reports here is amazing! My Apple Magic Mouse with two Duracell AAs was sitting on my desk this morning minding its own business when one of the batteries exploded with a very loud POP! When I opened the cover, it was oozing noxious grey fluid all over the insides.

Posted by CM on March 13, 2012 22:09 GMT | 145 comments

Firefox bookmark keywords explained

Thanks a lot. It was very helpful.

Posted by Rajiv on March 11, 2012 15:25 GMT | 20 comments

Oxazepam, stop voorzichtig

Gebruik sinds oktober Oxacepam. Omdat ik ICD drager ben en deze (3x binnen 24 uur) is afgegaan heb ik om rust te krijgen Oxacepam gekregen. Nam hem soms wel 4x per dag in. Als ik me een dag 'goed voelde' nam ik niks meer. Dit werkte dus niet want kreeg hele 'zware' angst momenten (zweten etc). Wandelen, fietsen en bezig zijn helpt dan erg goed. Met fietsen worden je gedachten behoorlijk afgeleid dus daar knap ik dan van op... Mijn huisarts heeft mij helaas niet de ernst van stoppen verteld. Misschien dat anderen hier wat aan hebben of advies hebben om 'af te kicken'. Raymond

Posted by rpv on March 10, 2012 20:06 GMT | 92 comments

Manual installation of Oracle Java JDK on Ubuntu

Thank you John.

My situation exactly, and solved by these concise instructions.

Posted by GlynnR on March 10, 2012 13:58 GMT | 1 comment

Fixing a heatsink problem in a Compaq Presario

Thanks for the post! Great photos and descriptive process. I found a paper clip (using the medium bend) to be a perfect fit and something most people have on their desk. I also recommend the use of Arctic Clean 1 and 2, for heat sink compound removal and surface prep. I would recommend also to very closely match the height of the remaining clip and lean towards a little longer versus shorter. You don't want to put more strain on the existing clip and have it pull out in the future. As long as you have thermal compound on the surface, the heat sink should perform adequately if a little loose IMO.

Posted by Brad on March 5, 2012 20:25 GMT | 17 comments

Kindle Fire outside the USA: fun while it lasts

Well, a friend of mine from India is reporting this error too. It seems that only US users can download free apps.

Posted by Sandra on March 5, 2012 16:33 GMT | 1 comment

Depression and aggression

Hi, just wanted to say that finding this has done me the world of good, and helped me understand more. I can relate to so many things, and the whole, snapping at small things was a huge help for me, to know that its in some way normal. Thank you x

Posted by Julie on March 5, 2012 10:06 GMT | 80 comments

Exploding 9V Duracell alkaline battery

I have owned a maglite for the last 9 years without fault.At the time of purchase it cost me $140 and was the best money ever spent until I installed Duracell D sized batteries which exploded within the torch leaked battery fluid everywhere and consequently ruined the torch. The one battery I have removed by force is dated MAR2017 - These were new batteries purchased from bunnings Australia - What do you reckon my chances are of getting Duracell to replace my torch! Not happy!!!!

Posted by Kylie on March 4, 2012 05:29 GMT | 145 comments

Exploding 9V Duracell alkaline battery

Just had a duracell one explode.. Acid going everywhere. Never in my life has this happened before. Sounded like one of those cap guns going off. Scary stuff! Going to check all batteries soon to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Posted by FanOfAnythingButDuracell on March 1, 2012 03:18 GMT | 145 comments

Depression and aggression

ive been in children homes since i was 13 and lost my father who was my mentore ive done well in life whoeva i done it but somethings missing and thats love or being cuddled as a child and feelling you belong somwere ive got everything now i could want but deep inside am so empty and i cant hide it i dont fit in to any were i just wanna kill myself iam living for wat pleases others and not myself am so sad and low can any 1 help

Posted by Anonymous on February 29, 2012 06:11 GMT | 80 comments

Exploding 9V Duracell alkaline battery

I've had a similar experience. A 9V Duracell battery inside my basement smoke detector. All I heard was a very loud pop, which sounded just like a fuse. I searched everywhere and couldn't find anything. Finally, yesterday, my smoke detector started beeping which revealed the culprit.

Posted by MiKE on February 25, 2012 11:29 GMT | 145 comments

Fixing a heatsink problem in a Compaq Presario

You did a great job with a lot of detail and helpful information. This is the first time I bother adding my comment to a Post but since you took the time to make such a helpful one, I felt compelled to give you my feedback. I've been working with computers for many years and came across one Pavilion with same missing clip. I hope I can push the "new" clip wire through the MB or else, I suspect the solder alone will not be enough to keep the heatsink in place. The heatsink is missing so I will try to follow the site posted in previous review and see if I can get one. I know the PC is old but it's still worth it.

Posted by crome911 on February 23, 2012 19:46 GMT | 17 comments

CPAN: Writing Makefile ... NOT OK

May i thank you for your solution of the problem, it helped resolving my problems with perl en CPAN...

Posted by Hans on February 21, 2012 08:23 GMT | 2 comments

Deleting items from the address bar history

If you've bookmarked the site, it won't delete. You must remove the bookmark before deleting the URL as instructed. I tried and tried, but it kept coming back. Once I deleted the bookmarked URL, however, it went away. Hooray.

Posted by Johnfic on February 19, 2012 20:01 GMT | 19 comments

Firefox bookmark keywords explained

thanks! i was looking for someone to teach me this

Posted by yoray on February 17, 2012 12:50 GMT | 20 comments