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Comments: Firefox bookmark keywords explained


A smart keyword (also known as bookmark keyword, or keymark for short) is a special kind of bookmark that replaces a special sequence, %s, in the bookmark location field (URL) with the text entered after the keyword in the address bar. This article shows step by step how to create your own smart keywords. It also explains how you can import several useful smart keywords from a file given.

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The tips/tricks are very useful!

Thanks and I'll be back!


Posted by tonymac at 14:41 GMT on 23 June 2005

Why is the Quick Search/keyword example file compressed? And with .gz no less. Talk about making it difficult, gheez.

Posted by Otheus at 12:33 GMT on 16 July 2005


I will look into a better way to make them available, and also rewrite the article soon.


Posted by John Bokma at 15:42 GMT on 22 July 2005

any ideas on how to set up a book search keymark on

i tried "" but that only gets me to the book browsing page - no search results.

...books?query=%s doesn't work either.

Posted by KSJ at 14:32 GMT on 28 September 2005

Finally, an actually helpful website. The second (and easier) method did fix my lack of quick search-ness. THANKS!!!!!!!!

Posted by thanks at 02:01 GMT on 10 December 2005

Is there any way to make keymark search search instead of I.e. replace "%20" with "+"?

Posted by Lynx at 03:04 GMT on 12 January 2006

There are two extensions which make Smart Keywords much better. Search Firefox's extensions webpage for "SmartSearch" and "KeywordSelection".

Posted by Morgan Freeman at 05:37 GMT on 16 February 2006

It's worth noting that the firefox will blithely let you "add a keyword for this search" on POST forms too, without doing anything other than copying the action. Often times a sever will accept GET or POST, so you might want to try something like the first bookmarklet here and see if this is the case. Finally, it looks like FF doesn't understand some changes you might make to a context menu generated keymark?

Posted by belg4mit at 17:49 GMT on 19 May 2006

Hi. Great tips. Thanks a lot! I was looking for this because I used to use 'alias's' in Slimbrowser and really missed them. Same idea.

Now if only FF had 'groups' like slimbrowser. Do you know how to do that? I know I can save all open tabs together like a group but.. that group is then folded into the one bookmark.html file. with SB when you save groups they are saved individually. Which I like, because sometimes I want to copy just one group of sites to my other computer and not replace the complete bookmarks.

Thanks again.

Posted by jazzjon at 16:35 GMT on 22 May 2006

I did not really understand the instructions so I looked at bookmark manager. If you right click on any saved bookmark, then select properties and both name and location of the bookmark is already completed. All you have to do then is type in the keyword you want and test. Batta-bing your done.

Posted by Andy at 17:11 GMT on 18 June 2006

Smart dooode... thanks for the tips... this is exactly what i wanted

Posted by SpoT at 17:07 GMT on 24 August 2006

Thanks... I was searching for an extension to do this, who would have thought it was built right in :-)

Posted by Faffe at 21:56 GMT on 7 November 2006

Cool. Any idea if there is an extension to change the image of a bookmark if the site does not have a favicon?

Posted by Eli Feldblum at 10:11 GMT on 31 January 2007

Nice one John, exactly what I needed.

I wanted to set up "googleuk" to perform, you guessed it, a UK sites only search (handy when searching for things to buy, where US sites aren't of much use).

Never knew it was as simple as going to, selecting "UK sites", then right-clicking and choosing "Add keyword for this search".

Great stuff.

Posted by David Precious at 10:44 GMT on 22 March 2007

Thanks John, I'll have to play with this.

Posted by Richard Collins at 00:04 GMT on 14 April 2009

Thanks John, nice guideline, very helpful.

Posted by Vilda at 08:50 GMT on 23 February 2010

I love firefox and as i have a lot of bookmarks this post helped me alot. Thanks

Posted by CCNA at 14:01 GMT on 28 March 2011

did you test instantfox with the keyword search?

Posted by Isla at 18:14 GMT on 16 July 2011

thanks! i was looking for someone to teach me this

Posted by yoray at 12:50 GMT on 17 February 2012

Thanks a lot. It was very helpful.

Posted by Rajiv at 15:25 GMT on 11 March 2012

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