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Comments: Backup each MySQL database to a separate file bash script


Today, while still preparing for the reinstall of a more recent version of Ubuntu on my Dell Vostro, I wrote a small bash script to backup each MySQL database to a separate compressed file. I have not much experience with writing bash scripts and at first wanted to write the program in Perl. But after firing up Emacs and typing the first lines of the Perl program I had in mind I killed the buffer and wrote a bash script instead, using O'Reilly's "bash cookbook" to help me out with the features I am less familiar with.

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Your script is working very well on Debian 6 and MySQL 5! Thank you a lot :)

You saved a lot of my time! :)

Posted by axe312 at 11:48 GMT on 10 January 2012

You're welcome, thanks!

Posted by John Bokma at 18:42 GMT on 16 March 2012

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