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Comments: Deleting items from the address bar history


Now and then I end up with web site addresses (URLs) in the history drop down menu of Firefox's address bar that I don't want to have there. The address or addresses sometimes ended up in the history because of a typing mistake, a lot of testing of a web application on a local installation of Apache, or just because I visited a site a lot. Since I often use the history function of Firefox's address bar - also known as location bar or URL bar - I clean it up now and then, and this article describes how it's done.

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Thanks much! Can't believe how hard it was to find this trick ... many times I've tried various Google searches without luck.

Posted by Downeast at 20:22 GMT on 13 February 2008

Didn't work for me...guess this was a result of an auto upgrade and I don't like it.

Posted by KD at 02:18 GMT on 8 July 2008


set to 0

Posted by maximus at 09:48 GMT on 17 July 2008

Sadly, this didn't work for me either. I am stuck with a seemingly random mixture of stuff in the address bar. For example, I visited the NASA website for images when I first got this computer 2 years ago, and those URL's are burned PERMANENTLY into Firefox. I can't get rid of them. Anything more recent disappears whenever I "Clear Personal Data", but those initial dozen URLs are totally indelible. Same with about 100 other URLs that I visited in the first week.

Posted by Rat at 15:19 GMT on 16 January 2009

This worked great for me. I'm guessing the confusion is happening because people are using the control L function you mention, or just clicking in the address box, and then pressing the down arrow, in which case you get the addresses that match what is currently in the address bar, auto spell function? In any case, if you click the down arrow at the right of the address box to bring up the list and then press the down key, the desired result is achieved. Thanks very much!

Posted by auntieanne at 00:29 GMT on 22 July 2009

This doesn't work for me either. It temporarily deletes the address, but if you load a new page or browser, it's right back in there.

Posted by greedygus at 04:56 GMT on 6 September 2009

While this tip works for Windows and Linux users, it doesn't for us Mac users, because the Delete key simply backspaces the URL one character - it doesn't erase the entry. Off to search the Goog more for a solution...

Posted by Kyle at 13:14 GMT on 15 September 2009

Thank you! Great to know! =)

Posted by Mr A at 18:56 GMT on 14 December 2009

Works a treat, thank you so much!

Posted by John H at 18:47 GMT on 3 August 2010

Thanks for this. Can anybody tell me how to get the address back if deleted in error please? thank you.

Posted by Mark J P at 17:41 GMT on 16 January 2011

On a mac, do as described, but hold shift and press delete when the entry you want to eliminate is highlighted.

Posted by drthunderer at 20:10 GMT on 17 February 2011

it didn't work for me either :(

Posted by frustrated at 17:15 GMT on 8 April 2011

worked for me. thank you.


Posted by doreen at 19:41 GMT on 18 June 2011

Thanks so much! I was figuring out how to do that for a long time. Didn't know it was so simple!

Posted by Summer at 17:04 GMT on 14 July 2011

Thanks! This was a problem for me as a link I used to use a lot was broken. Every time I tried the new one the old one would suggest itself.

Thanks again!

Posted by frank at 07:07 GMT on 18 August 2011

Tools / options/ privacy

Location Bar

When using location bar suggest:

Change to none.

On other options, go clean up your bookmarks and history.

Posted by bob at 01:03 GMT on 28 August 2011

It helped me... but how to delete address from address bar permanently??

Posted by sai at 05:07 GMT on 2 November 2011

thanks alot, it's so simple, but if you don't know, you don't know

Posted by eddy at 02:44 GMT on 20 January 2012

If you've bookmarked the site, it won't delete. You must remove the bookmark before deleting the URL as instructed. I tried and tried, but it kept coming back. Once I deleted the bookmarked URL, however, it went away. Hooray.

Posted by Johnfic at 20:01 GMT on 19 February 2012

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