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Barbecue time

Friday, April 23, 2004 | 0 comments

Today, I worked most of the day on a new Perl program, using the XML::Twig module, to convert this entire site to the MexIT-look.

In the evening we decided to do some shopping. When Esme saw bags full of charcoal, she suggested to have a barbecue. I also tried to find Duracell Ultra AA batteries, since those are the ones that work best with my digital camera, a Philips ESP60.

We found a shop that sells the normal, but not the ultra ones. And although normal lasts less longer, I decided to buy four of them. While Esme was paying for the batteries, someone touched my shoulder and said "Hi". It was the carpenter who made my desk a few weeks ago.

When we walked past the bookshop close to our house, we discovered that it was discount night. Sadly they had almost no English books at all. However, Esmeralda found a bilingual tourist guide on Veracruz, called "Ruta de la Niebla" (The mist route). It has many pages on Xalapa, where we live, and places close to it.

In the night we had a very nice barbecue.

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