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Photos of second instar Diplocentrus melici

Monday, August 20, 2007 | 2 comments

Last Friday, when I checked on the scorpion that had given birth the second of August 2007, I noticed that all baby scorpions on her back hat molted to second instar. I am quite sure that I had checked upon the scorpion mother and her babies the day before, and that the babies were first instar back then. If I am right it takes about 15 days for this species from birth to their first molt.

Diplocentrus melici scorpion, mother with babies on her back.
Diplocentrus melici scorpion, mother with babies on her back.

Today I decided to take a few photos of the mother with her baby scorpions. I had already noticed last Friday that their were 9 or so baby scorpions left. The 3rd of August, 2007, I counted at least 15. I guess that either the mother or the baby scorpions (or both) have eaten the others.

Some other pictures I made of this scorpion and its babies. Click a thumbnail for a larger version.

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