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Comments: Photos of second instar Diplocentrus melici


Last Friday, when I checked on the scorpion that had given birth the second of August 2007, I noticed that all baby scorpions on her back hat molted to second instar. I am quite sure that I had checked upon the scorpion mother and her babies the day before, and that the babies were first instar back then. If I am right it takes about 15 days for this species from birth to their first molt.

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Hi, i would just want to ask because this morning i was looking at my scorpion and it had white moving little scorpions at its back. i actually have no idea on my next move. i would just want to know how many days shall i separate the little scorpions from its mother and what other things shall i do to both the mother and the babies. thanks

Posted by bags at 03:14 GMT on 11 February 2010

It depends on the species of scorpion you have. For some the little ones start to wander away from their mother after about 2 weeks. When my Emperor Scorpion (Panidus imperator) gave birth I decided to leave the young ones with her. They stayed together until she died about a year after having given birth. When later I counted the young ones I counted 19 (!) juveniles.

Posted by John Bokma at 23:05 GMT on 17 February 2010

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