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Diplocentrus species from Chavarillo

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Diplocentrus sp. in its terrarium
Diplocentrus sp. in its terrarium

We collected this Diplocentrus species in a canyon (barranca) near Chavarillo, Veracruz, Mexico, see: Scorpions and Toucans near Chavarillo.

This species has big claws (pedipalps) with quite a strong pinch. I am sure it can draw blood when it manages to pinch a human. When disturbed it positions its body with the pedipalps towards the source, ready to pinch.

Based on some pictures and scans of the scorpion, Oscar F. Francke, identified this species as an adult female Diplocentrus sp., probably Diplocentrus melici.

This gallery is part of Cyber-shot DSC-S600, a first test.
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