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Scorpion, software, books, and a camera

Wednesday, January 5, 2005 | 0 comments

One of the things I really want to do in this new year is keeping this blog, MexIT up to date, preferable daily. So after today's events I have written down some things that should have been written down ages ago, since most happened last year. The rest will follow, probably tomorrow. By the way, happy 2005!

Houston, we have a Tina

Since Esme and I are back in our castle I have been looking on the roof for another scorpion for several times. I had found one there before, but it was killed and eaten by Tina, my first scorpion (see Stung by a scorpion). Tina died mysteriously a few months ago however, probably of old age. Today, after a short coffee break at the roof, I was lucky and found another scorpion...

In the evening Esme's mother payed us a visit. She brought with her a nice Christmas card and letter sent by my mother, and a package containing the free Ubuntu Linux CDs I requested back in October 2004.

Software, books and a digital camera

Yesterday I installed an update of SpamAssassin. Also, a few days earlier, I split up my Apache HTTP server configuration files in smaller pieces in order to share common parts between two installations.

Besides having been very busy with Perl programming, writing / giving a Linux course (Linux : Tu Futuro), and all things related to moving to another house, I have had time to do some reading of the second hand books I bought.

I also made quite some pictures with an extremely cheap digital camera I bought, a Casio LV-10.

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