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Free Ubuntu Linux CDs have arrived

Wednesday, January 5, 2005 | 0 comments

In the evening Esme's mother brought with her the free Ubuntu Linux CDs I requested by the end of October 2004 on the Ubuntu website. I requested 10 Intel x86 Edition CDs (actually consisting of two CDs, a live CD and an install CD) and 5 AMD64/EMT64T edition CDs (just one CD).

Ubuntu Linux CDs
Ubuntu Linux CDs

Most of the free Ubuntu CDs are going to be given as a present to the students that follow the virtual Linux course (Linux : Tu Futuro) I write and give at the Universidad Atenas Veracruzana. Since the course focuses on Debian GNU/Linux, "the rock upon which Ubuntu is built" I consider this a nice present.

Please don't email me to ask for free CDs. You can request Ubuntu CDs for free on the ShipIt page.

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