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Computer naming schemes

Sunday, April 11, 2004 | 0 comments

Tina (not the scorpion), running out of moons of Jupiter, asked in the Usenet group alt.www.webmaster for a better naming scheme for her computers. I couldn't imagine that she really was running out of moons, so I looked up the names of the moons of Jupiter, because there are quite a lot. However, the more recent Jovian moons have no name assigned yet.

Moons of Jupiter related

Computer Naming schemes I use

The first computer I bought that got a name was a Silicon Graphics Indigo R3000. It was first named "shadow" a term from the Amber series by Roger Zelazny, from which I also took the name for my company: Castle Amber. Later, when I bought my first PC, I changed the naming scheme to planet names taken from books written by Jack Vance. The PC was called Tschai. The Indigo was renamed Wyst. A planet that has block like buildings. My first Indy was called Trullion. The story is about a part of the planet with a lot of water. An Indy has a blue colored case. In 1999 I bought a notebook, and named it Thamber. Other computers where bought with names like Marune (Indy), Idora (another Indy), and Alphanor (dual Celeron). Sadly, this scheme suffers, as many do, from running out of names.

I also remember a funny scheme where all spaces where removed from a sentence, and the names where made up of the thus obtained sentence chopped up in strings of equal length. However, my all time favorite is still vo.mit.edu.

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