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Jack Vance

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I really love the works of Jack Vance. He is probably the writer I like most. Excellent writing style. Even though some people consider his style archaic, I think most, if not all, his stories are timeless.

Many of his stories are about one person against a wrong doer. Sometimes very local. Sometimes against the real evil that threatens many. But even in the latter case it is not exaggerated.

Trullion: Alastor 2262

I have spent most of my youth near water so I love this book a lot. It's local setting consists of a lot of small water ways connected with each other. The theme: "when you come back after years to the place you grew up, many changes have taken place" is one I like a lot. It is so true. You can't change back to the past, no matter how hard you try. Well written story. I can't remember how often I have read this one.

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