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Comments: Jack Vance

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I really love the works of Jack Vance. He is probably the writer I like most. Excellent writing style. Even though some people consider his style archaic, I think most, if not all, his stories are timeless.

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I read sci-fi regularly as a teenager in the 1950s, well into the 70s, then moved on to other genres. I can only remember reading one story by Jack in all that time, the superb thriller, "To Live Forever." I have read this gem many times and lent it to friends many times, always getting on its return a warm thank-you for sharing it.

If this is an example of archaic writing, give me more archaic writing! I plan to check out more of his work now that I came across his name on a site listing all the authors "Astounding" ever published.

I rank this novel with other stand-out stories from all those years, so long ago: Bester's "The Demolished Man" and "The Stars My Destination;" the original short story, "Flowers for Algernon;" "Gladiator at-Law," by Kornbluth and Pohl; Clarke's "Rendezvous With Rama," even Asimov's "I, Robot," brutally mangled in making the movie; among so many, many others.

Wonderful, deserving company, for sure!

Posted by Wayne Robinson at 03:32 GMT on 9 September 2006

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