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Happy Easter

Sunday, April 11, 2004 | 0 comments

Around 10 AM in the morning I talked with my brother and my mother using MSN Messenger and the microphone. They also had their webcam running. Because they were about to go out, the talk was quite short.

I also used Google Images to find pictures of watercress. I tried even the Spanish word, berros. And I found some nice watercolor pictures of Xalapa because there is a little park, Parque Berros, close to the center of Xalapa. This park is a short walk from our place. What I thought to be watercress turned out to be alfalfa. So Esme was right, it was not berros I had eaten.

We went to this nearby park for breakfast. The people we usually buy food from where not there today, so we bought our late breakfast at an other stand. The food was very nice.

Because the weather was very hot, and we hadn't slept quite well, we rested a while when we came back to the house.

Later I had a chat with Els. She showed me two drawings her son GabriŽl had made. One looked a lot like the golden trophy I remembered from one of the Freddy Fish games my son played a lot. So we talked a bit about some of the Humongous Entertainment games like Freddy Fish, Pajama Sam, Putt-Putt and Spy Fox. I consider those games to be excellent for kids. And of course I told her all about the scorpion we now have at home.

In the Usenet group alt.www.webmaster, Tina (not the scorpion) asked for a good naming scheme for the servers, since she was running out of "Moons of Jupiter".

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