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Scorpion attack at the dinner table

Saturday, April 10, 2004 | 0 comments

Ouch... Ouch... Those where the sounds Esmeralda suddenly made when she was relaxing on the couch after dinner. After several more sounds of pain she was stood up and pointed, and finally said: "John... scorpion... 7cm". I grabbed an empty plastic container and removed the cushion from the couch and was able to catch the fast running culprit, indeed a scorpion, after a few attempts.

At night I couldn't sleep so I wrote a Perl program to analyze the access log files of this website as generated by the Apache HTTP server. Also I updated the kudos web page with the referers I found in the aforementioned log files. Furthermore, I finally decided to register myself at a Dutch web site that attempts to bring together old classmates.

Also today I got a snail mail from the Netherlands. My mother sent me a Happy Easter card, which arrived exactly on time. My brother sent me some papers I have to fill in, and a CD with a lot of Garfield cartoons.

At 3 AM, Els sent me a Happy Easter animated GIF, showing two rabbits, each in a mug. In the Netherlands the time was 10 AM, so she was busy preparing Easter breakfast. About 4 AM I went to bed.

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