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Emacs with anti-aliased fonts

Friday, June 24, 2011 | 0 comments

On the previous installation of Ubuntu on my Dell Vostro I used a snapshot version of Emacs to have much better looking anti-aliased fonts while editing. Today, in the afternoon, when I checked the default version of Emacs on my fresh installation of Lucid Lynx I was pleasantly surprised to discover that a recent version of Emacs with anti-aliased font support had become the default. So I just had to enter the following to install Emacs 23:

sudo apt-get install emacs

Since I use color-theme.el I also installed the emacs-goodies-el package as follows:

sudo apt-get install emacs-goodies-el

I like to specify the font I want to use in Emacs on the command line and to avoid typing I added the following alias to ~/.bash_aliases:

alias gemacs='emacs --font Monospace-9'

Note that ~/.bashrc on Ubuntu 10.04 checks if this file exists and sources it if it does. So just add aliases to ~/.bash_aliases and they should be available on each new terminal you open. If you just modified this file and want to have the new alias available in your current terminal, just type:

source ~/.bash_aliases

Instead of typing source you can just type a single period but I use source in the above example for clarity.

Additionally, I also created the following alias:

alias gnus='gemacs -f gnus'

which starts Emacs and invokes Gnus. I currently use Gnus for reading Usenet only. Since I had made a backup of my old home directory I restored the files related with Gnus as follows:

cp -a /media/ecce-backup/home/john/.gnus.el .
cp -a /media/ecce-backup/home/john/.newsrc .
cp -a /media/ecce-backup/home/john/.newsrc.eld .
cp -a /media/ecce-backup/home/john/News .
cp -a /media/ecce-backup/home/john/.signature .
cp -a /media/ecce-backup/home/john/.authinfo .

and when I invoked gnus in a terminal it worked as expected.

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