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Cafe Kid Chalk Bin Bookshelves

Friday, June 24, 2011 | 3 comments

Yesterday, in the morning, we went to Costco and when we saw the "Chalk Bin Bookshelf" by CafeKid we couldn't resist to buy two of those. Our living room / dining room has a stairs going down to my office, a bedroom, and a utility room. Currently we use a heavy suitcase and a 20+ liter waterbottle to stop Adam from going down or falling down. And since we already had dedicated part of the floorspace to a small play area for both Adam and Alice we thought it would be a good idea to buy two bookshelves and use them as a barrier for our son Adam who just started to walk, and climb.

Alice posing in front of a Cafe Kid's Chalk Bin Bookself.
Alice posing in front of a Cafe Kid's Chalk Bin Bookself.

Yesterday in the late afternoon both shelves were delivered and we put them in place. But Adam had different plans and showed intention to climb the shelves. So this morning we moved both bookshelves against the wall. When Alice, back from school, noticed the new arrangement she wanted me to take pictures of her, which I did.

Alice cleaning one of the chalk bins.
Alice cleaning one of the chalk bins.

Esme and I think that the Chalk Bin Bookshelves look great, and the children are very happy with them. Alice loves to draw on the bins which are painted with black chalk board paint.

The floor tiles have been covered with interlocking foam mats we bought at Home Depot recently.

More information on the bookshelves

The carton box each bookshelf came in has the following information:

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