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Comments: Cafe Kid Chalk Bin Bookshelves


Yesterday, in the morning, we went to Costco and when we saw the "Chalk Bin Bookshelf" by CafeKid we couldn't resist to buy two of those. Our living room / dining room has a stairs going down to my office, a bedroom, and a utility room. Currently we use a heavy suitcase and a 20+ liter waterbottle to stop Adam from going down or falling down. And since we already had dedicated part of the floorspace to a small play area for both Adam and Alice we thought it would be a good idea to buy two bookshelves and use them as a barrier for our son Adam who just started to walk, and climb.

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How much do these bookshelves with bins cost? How can they be ordered?

Thanks you.

Posted by Lennie at 02:42 GMT on 26 November 2011

It might be that they are made for Costco only. Either check with Cafe Kid or your local Costco.

If I recall correctly we paid around 2500 MXN, or about 180 USD.

Posted by John Bokma at 00:24 GMT on 3 January 2012

It's been great watching your kids grow. I miss Xalapa. Particularly Los Lagos

Posted by Robert Stokesberry at 06:10 GMT on 11 February 2012

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