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Flash Forward

Tuesday, November 25, 2008 | 0 comments
Screenshot taken of a Pocoyo episode on YouTube

Today I learned that Adobe had, finally to say the least, released a 64-bit Flash player for GNU/Linux earlier this month. While the download page makes very clear that it's an alpha version, I had no problem downloading, installing, and actually using it in Firefox on Ubuntu 8.10. And so far, no problems. I couldn't say the same about the 32-bit version running inside nspluginwrapper on Ubuntu 8.04, so thank you Adobe, and keep it up.

Talking about Flash; Alice, our daughter loves to watch Pocoyo on YouTube. Never heard of Pocoyo? If you have young children, or still cherish the inner-child, check out Pocoyo on YouTube. But back to Alice. Like I wrote, she loves to watch Pocoyo, and most of the time she does so on Esme's Dell Inspiron 1525. But after some time the notebook blanks the screen. And today Esme and I both got a huge smile when Alice moved her little fingers over the touch pad to get Pocoyo back. She learns so fast.

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