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Six books

Wednesday, September 3, 2008 | 0 comments

In the morning, while I was taking a shower, the doorbell rang. I was expecting several books from Amazon, payments for help with Perl programming. I had already delayed my shower after spinning a bit to prevent just this. So I grabbed a towel, and dried myself as fast as possible, and checked from the window who was at the door. Looking down, dripping water from my hair, I saw that it was indeed the mailman with an Amazon box. Books!

So I went down the stairs, opened the door and signed for the books. Back up, I opened the package and checked the books. Five books for reading, and one computer related book for studying:

The first three books are science fiction stories. I already had read several books by Jerry Pournelle, sometimes writing together with Larry Niven, so I decided to start later today in Starswarm. Upon browsing through the book a bit I had the idea that the book was aimed at young readers. Later I noticed the note on the back ages 10 and up. But that didn't change my decision to start with this one.

Two other books on the above list are also by an author I had read before: Dennis Lehane. Almost three years ago I had bought Darkness, take my hand in a second hand bookstore. I had started in the book a few times, but somehow I got stuck around page 40. But recently I had picked up the book again, and this time I was able to finish the book; and I was extremely impressed: "Darkness, take my hand" was an amazing read. So I looked up Dennis Lehane in Wikipedia, and it turned out that I had even seen 2 movies based on his books: "Gone Baby Gone" and "Mystic River".

The last book on the list: "The Official Ubuntu book" I asked for Esme, she wants to learn more about Ubuntu and I considered A practical guide to Ubuntu Linux, which I got last July, too difficult for her to start with.

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