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The Tehuacán adventure begins

Wednesday, June 11, 2008 | 0 comments

In the beginning of last Month, Esme and I had started to make plans for going to Tehuacán - a small city in the state of Puebla - for several days, and use it as our home base for several hikes we wanted to make. We had settled on going today, and come back next monday. We had used Google Earth to the towns near to which we wanted to hike. A not fixed planning, which I emailed to my brother Marco, had the following locations, one for each day: South-East of Aljapan, South-South West of San Gabriel Chilac, North-North-West of San José Buenavista, South of Coapam (not sure), and on Monday; maybe South-East of Tecali de Herrera.

But first we had to get there, so today we went to the main bus station of Xalapa (CAXA) to take a bus to Puebla city. And from Puebla city we would travel to Tehuacán.

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