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Salsa Brava

Sunday, February 17, 2008 | 0 comments

Today Esme asked me if I wanted to have dinner at the restaurant co-owned by a classmate of her. I agreed, and so in the late afternoon we walked to "La Salsa Brava". The classmate was not working today, but his sister was.

The menu card of "La Salsa Brava".
The menu card of "La Salsa Brava".

I ordered the chicken filet "A la Salsa Brava" and was warned that it would be very hot. But it was not too hot to me, it was delicious. Esme ordered tampiqueña for herself, and an order of vegetables for Alice. After an excellent dinner we decided to walk to the house of Esme's mother to pay her and Esme's grandmother, who is living in the same house and well over a hundred years old, a visit. On the way to the house I took some low light photos with my Canon A640.

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