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Comments: Dell Vostro 200 Windows Tax Free in Mexico


Today, about an hour after what could only have been considered another fruitless chat with Dell sales in which I was told that my order was impossible, Esme's mobile phone rung. I was reading "Serpent Mage", the fourth novel in the The Death Gate Cycle series by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, in our bedroom, and trying to get all the anger with Dell out of my system when Esme said: it's for you, someone from Dell.

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I stumbled across your blog while I was doing some VMWare research. I read your DELL HELL rant and learned that today is your birthday. Happy Birthday, buddy! Life is short, but heaven is forever. Enjoy! Mister Chongo

Posted by Mister Chongo at 13:58 GMT on 15 February 2008

I'm curious as to where you went to order this machine, and how much you paid for it. Thanks.

Posted by David at 21:17 GMT on 4 April 2008

@Mister Chongo - thanks!

Posted by John Bokma at 22:13 GMT on 4 April 2008

@David - I used Dell's online system to order the machine. I had contacted them a few times before I ordered the machine because I required some changes (no Windows Vista, but Free DOS instead, no fax-modem card), but never got a reply.

After the order I contacted Dell Latin America again, and after about a week of too many emails and chats, a representative of Dell called me that the order with the required modifications was possible after all.

I paid around 1100 USD for the machine (I used Google to convert Mexican pesos to USD). Note that a monitor was not included. I didn't like the monitor options I could select with the Vostro, so ordered a Dell 2407WFP-HC, which I highly recommend.

Posted by John Bokma at 22:13 GMT on 4 April 2008

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