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Comments: Installing Gutsy Gibbon on an Acer Aspire 4320

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After I hadn't been able to find a way to reject the Windows Vista Starter EULA in software, I decided to get into the BIOS setup utility of my Acer Aspire 4320 to make the notebook boot from a CD and just install Ubuntu 7.10 desktop on the entire hard disk drive. So I turned the notebook off and back on again while holding F2. And was greeted again with the EULA window. Esme was still there and said to me that I had to hold the power button a few seconds to turn the notebook off...

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Hi John, Next time you do a re-install try to give /home a seperate partition, /swap will do with 1.5Gb and I have root / confined to 4GB (used just over 50%). You can also try reiserfs (from their website) as the diskcontrol is quite good. Excellent idea to install upgrades from your own mirror ;)

Having a seperate partition for /home will avoid hartburn when re-installing (and losing data).

Posted by CeesB at 23:08 GMT on 10 January 2008

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