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Comments: Software Update Failed


If you are running Mozilla Firefox on Microsoft Windows XP, and follow the good practice of working as much as possible with a limited user account, you probably have been pestered for some time by the incompetence: everytime there is an update for Firefox, which is quite often, the browser attempts to update, even if this is not possible due to limited user rights.

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I just had a failed update of Thunderbird and an error message kept popping up every 10 seconds. So I tried to reload the newest version and got an error that said could not open program files\Mozilla Thunderbird\mozMapi32.dll So I went to that directory and there was a backup mozMapi32.dll file. I renamed it and was able to reload Thunderbird. Hope this helps someone.

Posted by Tom Makousky at 06:56 GMT on 16 November 2007

Dear Mr. Bokma: I have had this problem with Firefox for over a year, and happened to come across the solution you provided. Thank you very much for your help! Great job.

Posted by Helpless at 12:36 GMT on 30 March 2008

Thanks for the posting. Thunderbird works at last

Posted by Nick at 01:22 GMT on 5 April 2008

Thanks very much for your post, the instructions worked like a charm. I upgraded Firefox 3.0 -> 3.0.1 and this exact problem occurred (still).

It's difficult trying to live as a Windows user in an admin's world.

Posted by jarrodn at 08:19 GMT on 5 August 2008

Works like a charm. I voted for this bug. I write this one year after you posted this. This bug sucks. Windows suffers from a very bad multi user concept with read/write, user data/account management.

Posted by computerfromhell at 13:44 GMT on 29 September 2008

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