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Scorpion giving birth (Diplocentrus melici, Veracruz)

Collected near Chavarillo, Veracruz, Mexico | 0 comments
Diplocentrus melici giving birth.
Diplocentrus melici giving birth.

In the above photo you can see one newly born scorpion on the back of the mother. The first week or weeks, newly born scorpions stay with the mother and ride on her back.

In the front you can see a newly born scorpion struggling out of the sac it was born within.

The terrarium I keep this scorpion in resembles its natural habitat - as close as possible. In my experience, Diplocentrus melici is found under large boulders in wet areas and under large logs of fallen (or cut) trees, sometimes hiding under bark if there is sufficient space. This scorpion species requires quite a high humidity level hence I use a glass cover on top of its enclose with a 3mm hole drilled in the center. The substrate in the terrarium consists of sand mixed with small wood chips covered with larger wood chips and a few (pieces of) dead leaves. A few large pieces of bark have been added to provide a good hiding place for the female scorpion. For food I either use house crickets or super worms. A plastic cup embedded in the substrate always contains fresh water.

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