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Newly born scorpion (Diplocentrus melici)

Collected near Chavarillo, Veracruz, Mexico | 1 comment
Newly born scorpion (Diplocentrus melici).
Newly born scorpion (Diplocentrus melici).

The above photo is a close-up of a newly born Diplocentrus melici. The scorpion was born in captivity the second of August, 2007. The mother had been captured the 23rd of April, 2006 near the town of Chavarillo, and has been kept alone in a terrarium ever since. This means that insemination took place before that time, and since some species are able to store sperm for some time after mating, the duration of the actual pregnancy is unsure. Furthermore some scorpion species are able to give birth without fertilization by a male (parthenogenesis), but I have no idea if this species is able to do so.

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