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Baby house gecko

Friday, March 2, 2007 | 0 comments

Today, just after 5 o'clock in the afternoon Esme called me to come. She was in the small tower with the winding stairs going up to the roof of our house and down to the street and by the sound she had found something.

So I asked to her if she had found a scorpion. We now and then find Centruroides flavopictus flavopictus on our roof and even in our house. "No" she said, something else, and take your camera.

I climbed up the stairs and she pointed at the blue bin she uses to wash socks and other small garments. Then I saw it resting in one corner of the blue plastic bin: a tiny house gecko with a part of its tail missing...

Baby house gecko in a blue bin.
Baby house gecko in a blue bin.

It was clearly a juvenile, probably even recently born. Since we both were afraid that we or vistors might accidentally step on it we decided to keep the little gecko in an enclosure until it was large enough to be released back in the house or on the roof.

We already have at least one adult house gecko in our house. The nocturnal animal is quite vocal: in the evening we can hear the loud kissing noises it makes, often just before we are going to sleep like it's saying goodnight. And in the morning I often find tell tale signs on my desk: tiny gecko droppings, because it's hiding between the large wooden beams above my desk during the day.

We like to have geckos in the house because their diet probably consist for a large part of juvenile cockroaches, an insect we really don't want to have in the house but is extremely hard to keep out.

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