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Side view of a vinegaroon

Coyolillo, Veracruz, Mexico | 0 comments
Side view of a Mexican vinegaroon
Side view of a Mexican vinegaroon

In this picture you can clearly see the tube like tail (flagellum), which gives the uropygid one of its common names: whip scorpion, even though its clearly not a scorpion. The animal has 8 legs, but uses 6 for walking. The first pair serve as antennae-like sensory organs.

The uropygid has glands near the rear of their rear of their abdomen that can spray a fine mist that smells like vinegar, hence one of its other common names: vinegaroon. In Mexico its called vinagrillo, which is a word made up by gluing vinagre (vinegar) and grillo (cricket) together.

At the bottom of the picture you can see the leg of a cricket, remainders of a meal.

This photo gallery is part of Arachnids near Coyolillo - part 2, which also describes the habitat and has pictures of the surroundings.

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