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WordPress and themes

Monday, January 9, 2006 | 1 comment

Tonight, while working on a quick reference card for TextPad, I also helped a friend with installing the free blogging program "WordPress" on her website. Since the website uses CPanel, I just had to tell her how to login, and install the blogging software.

Some time ago I recommended my brother to start using WordPress as well on his site. But I am still working on a nice design for his site and blog, and have to finish that first.

My friend wanted to give her blog her own look so I pointed her to a site with several WordPress themes and styles. However, somehow we didn't get the one she tried (Deviant) working. Maybe it was made for an older version of the blogging software, or she (we) didn't install it right.

The official WordPress website has also several themes available for download. Some are of outstanding quality, higly recommended. Don't forget to customize the theme you select, since some of the available themes I have seen too often by now.

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