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Quick Reference Cards and Cheat Sheets

Monday, January 9, 2006 | 0 comments

Some time ago I found a nice web site with quite some Quick Reference Cards, available as pdf files. I checked out several, and even printed out a few reference cards on my HP LaserJet 1010.

Yesterday I decided to finally create my own Quick Reference Card for TextPad, an editor I have been using for many, many years. I decided to use OpenOffice.org for the editing work, also because the Writer program can export to the portable document format (pdf) which is a common format for publishing cheat sheets.

Today I started with a new version of the reference card, since I decided that the number of columns I picked yesterday was a bit too high. I also changed the design a bit. And after several hours and a lot of tweaking in Writer, I managed to get a lot of reference material on the use of TextPad crammed on two pages and make the reference available for download as a pdf file.

Reference Cards and Cheat Sheets

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