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A miracle of nature

Saturday, October 22, 2005 | 0 comments

Today, just before we wanted to get out to rent a movie, I checked again on the scorpion (probably Vaejovis sp.) we found about two weeks ago. It seemed to prefer to hide itself. Yesterday I checked it out, and it was hiding in the space I made under a flat piece of lime stone, but it also had closed the entries to this space, sealing itself from the outside world.

I somehow had the feeling that it might be gravid. It was quite fat when we found it. But when I lifted the lime stone today, I saw something different.

Scorpion in its burrow (cover removed)
Scorpion in its burrow (cover removed)

It turned out that the scorpion had molted: it had outgrown its old exoskeleton, and it was showing its new one, which hadn't hardened out yet, and hence the color is close to white.

Close up of the molted scorpion
Close up of the molted scorpion

It was sitting on top of its old exoskeleton (now called an exuviae), facing the opposite direction of it. Molting is a very delicate process, and a lot can go wrong, it is a true miracle of nature.

After I took a few pictures Rocio, a classmate of Esme, gave us a call, if we wanted to watch a video. Esme went out with her to rent one: "I heart Huckabees". After like 20 minutes I gave up. Despite some well known actors: Dustin Hoffman, Jude Law, etc. this was a horrible, horrible movie. I liked Jude Law a lot in "Alfie", so I had high hopes. Sadly this movie was so terrible I couldn't watch it until the end. Same for the girls, they tried to watch it a bit more, but gave up as well. This places the movie at the same quality level as "Joe Killionaire": 0/10, even though I was able to handle "Huckabees" several minutes longer.

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