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Tears of the Sun (movie)

Sunday, October 23, 2005 | 0 comments

Today we originally wanted to go to a volcanic crater near Las Vigas. Sometime ago I took a free magazine, "Hojas Verdes" (Green Leaves, but probably Green Pages is a better translation), from a place we had coffee, and it had a nice article on "El Volcancillo". The landscape is different from the ones we have been visiting the past weekends: more green, a lot of pine trees.

However, when I woke up it turned out that the cold that started last night had gotten worse, so I decided that I couldn't go.

In the evening Esme rented three movies (the video store had a special offer). I decided to watch "Tears of the Sun" first, featuring the man she calls "her boyfriend": Bruce Willis. The movie is about Bruce, his team and their mission: getting several American citizens out of the jungle of Nigeria because a violent coup has been taken place.

The movie was quite ok, although I had several times the feeling that some strange mistakes were made. Not a bad movie, but also not a very good one: 6/10.


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