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Holy Mountains and Kill Rock 'n Roll

Friday, March 4, 2005 | 21 comments

Today I listened to live versions of two songs by System of a Down: Holy Mountain and Kill Rock 'n Roll. From the latter I heard, quite some time ago, a 10 second snippet, very badly recorded on or over a mobile phone.

The live versions are distributed as password protected zip files. The password is "soadonefnet.com" (without the quotes). I have no idea why it has a password, maybe to prevent further "leaking"?

Holy Mountains

I like this song, it sounds good. Although I don't think System of a Down has a great live sound, so it's hard to guess how the album version of this song will sound. It starts a bit like a song that could have been on Toxicity. Maybe that's another reason why I like it, it sounds like System. Moreover, to me, much better than Cigaro.

Kill Rock 'n Roll

Before the song starts, Daron rambles and swears a lot, in a way we are used of him. The song starts very nice, I like the way how it is sung. In the middle it has a slow part, which somehow sounds familiar to me. Then it becomes a bit repetitive and ends quite suddenly. After it, Daron starts thanking people, again in a way we are used of him. I can't wait to hear the studio version.

B.Y.O.B (Bring your own Bombs)

Rumours have it that this song will be released sometime in March. The release dates for the albums and upcoming single(s) seem to change weekly so don't hold your breath. The new release date for Mezmerize seems to be the 17th of May, 2005.

Track list

Titles of the other tracks that will appear on either Mezmerize or Hypnotize pop up on System of a Down related message boards for some time now:

Let's hope it's worth the very long wait.

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