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Comments: Holy Mountains and Kill Rock 'n Roll


Today I listened to live versions of two songs by System of a Down: Holy Mountain and Kill Rock 'n Roll. From the latter I heard, quite some time ago, a 10 second snippet, very badly recorded on or over a mobile phone.

Read the rest of Holy Mountains and Kill Rock 'n Roll.


you asshole what do you know. I have heard both Holy Mountain and Kill rock n' Roll and they are both really good songs, but so are most songs of mezmerize. Listen, Toxicity is a great album, but the band didn't start there, it started with Self Titled. So u can't say that because a song sounds like a Toxicity song it sounds more like "system" because system is everything, ever album, every song, even the ones that haven't been released in an album. So before you say something, be sure of what your talking about ok? Open your mind a little, if every cd sounded like Toxicity then there is nothing to wait for in Hypnotize.

Posted by System Goddes at 17:22 GMT on 26 June 2005

If you call everything "system" because it has System of a Down printed on it, you're right. To me a band is a sound, and if it moves away from it, it sounds different. Of course that's a personal opinion. And a review is just that, a personal opinion.

I have heard Mezmerize by now, and to me it sounds like it has it's main roots in Toxicity, and less in Steal this Album! But I have a hard time hearing the System of self titled back in it. But that's just me. To me it looks like SoaD is moving away more and more from self titled, and more to a cross between Toxicity and STA! Moreover, since STA! are the left overs (I never liked how that sounds, but that's what most call it) of Toxicity, I can almost say that Mezmerize is rooted in the Toxicity sessions.

Oh, and I would have not any problem if they made 3 or 4 albums that sounded like Toxicity, because one of the very strong points of System of a Down is that they are able to make a CD with tracks that don't sound like they all come out of the same music factory. Most people I know who say they like every song on every System of a Down album are either groupies or have no taste.

Finally, what happens if Serj leaves System of a Down next year and Daron becomes the singer? Or if Daron starts his own band? Those things happen, sometimes the band keeps what I call its sound, and sometimes they move towards a new direction. And sometimes the same members change direction. And to me, that's what System is doing, to me they are moving further and further away from self titled.

But again, that's my opinion.

Posted by John Bokma at 17:45 GMT on 26 June 2005

hey there miss "system goddess" (rolls eyes)....YOU should stop being the asshole here. he was stating an opinion, one which he is quite entitled to have. and in case the school system is changed, i do believe that they still teach about opinions. however, if i am wrong and you need a lesson on what exactly an opinion is, let me know, i'd be more than happy to slap you up side the head with one :D

Posted by fuck all at 14:14 GMT on 29 June 2005

i really like both of the songs and think that its a little hallow minded if all you want is the same type of songs over and over again. if that were to happen then we would have nothing to be excited about while waiting for hypnotize.

Posted by the bastard at 08:26 GMT on 17 August 2005

HOLY MOUNTAIN RULES, but kill rock n roll is gay. im a hardcore SOAD fan but only when serj tankian sings lead. daron malakian cant sing for shit!!! he sounds like a baby pig on crack(that is not an insult that is a fact).

Posted by dohead at 03:03 GMT on 18 September 2005

HOLY MOUNTAIN RULES, but kill rock n roll is gay. im a hardcore SOAD fan but only when serj tankian sings lead. daron malakian cant sing for shit!!! he sounds like a baby pig on crack (that is not an insult that is a fact).

Posted by dohead at 03:03 GMT on 18 September 2005

Well, it looks the wait is almost over, see Hypnotize: the track list. However, I am afraid you'll be hearing more Daron.

Posted by John Bokma at 02:37 GMT on 21 September 2005

I haven't heard Holy M or Kill Rock n Roll yet, but I've heard Hypnotize, and it was very nice. I'm having trouble with my patience for Hypnotize(the entire album, not just the song).

Anyway, it is a bit scary how Daron sings a large portion of the lead now, but I really like when Serj and Daron harmonize. I agree Daron needs to chill out a little bit, but I don't think his voice sucks. Before you completely freak out you should see that Serj is playing more instruments as well. The new relationship is much like 311's Nick and SA.

On the same note, I listened to Toxicity just the other day, and you'd be surprised that Daron still sang quite often for a backing vocalist. But I'm completely happy with the direction System have taken. It's one thing when a band does something different, but it's awesome when it's both different and good. And on hopes of having another Toxicity, I'd say STA was close enough. They could have rhymed the title with Toxicity and it everyone would've "bought it."

And if you don't like Mezmerize or Hypnotize, Toxicity is always there - no one can take it away. But I love all of their stuff.

Posted by Dave at 21:08 GMT on 9 October 2005

SYSTEM OF A DOWN RULES!! I think that toxicity was the best album,but ive heard hypnotize and holy M and it fu**ing KICKS ASS!I cant wait till the 22 of november! I also find that daron's voice sucks compared to the magnificent and beautiful voice of Serj but he doesnt sing that bad! Watever! anyways i saw them live this summer at Lyon!!!! Woooohhhouu!!!God like! and remember: METAL IS FOREVER! and FUCK THE SYSTEM!

Posted by Metal Maggot at 21:27 GMT on 19 October 2005

u guyz all love the men and couldnt see talent if it kicked you in the ballz. peace out

Posted by ub3r schnitzel at 01:50 GMT on 29 December 2005

i love both songs and anyone who thinks they are gay are gay! There the coolest songs ever! And all you people who love System Of A Down, YOU ROCK!!!!!

Posted by sweet and sour at 02:44 GMT on 2 January 2006

About darons singing. i personally think it makes SOAD unique. you dont really hear that voice anywhere else. come on, cut the guy some slack, he's written a lot of the hypnotize songs.

Posted by Metal Doughnut 23 at 07:52 GMT on 5 January 2006

If anyone has realized yet that SOAD is unique then i give them props and to you who haven't... i'll say open your mind a bit... it will give you so much more to appreciate in system and in life. In Stealing Society Daron reminds me of Joey Ramone from... well the Ramones and it is really catchy... I like it alot.

Posted by ifuckedthesystem...itwasntthatgreat at 08:22 GMT on 22 January 2006

To be honest i think Holy mountains is the worst song on the album just my personal view. The rest of the album is absolutely outstanding although me and my friend dec crack jokes like "oh is that serj singing i forgot what he sounds like" as daron has took such a big role in this album and has changed the sound of system. this i believe is a either you love it or hate it situation. i love it and i think my 2 favorite songs on the album are soldier side and tentative but i have a addiction to shes like heroin at the moment (no pun intended)daron is a "different" singer and really makes the sound unique.

Posted by jarek at 22:33 GMT on 2 February 2006

Ok. First of all, Daron is a great vocalist and doesn't suck at all. Calling things 'gay' is a homophobic insult and leads me to believe that you are no more than eleven years old. Grow up, notice true talent and fuck off Daron Malakian. What did he do to you? Do you even know what Kill Rock 'n Roll is about? Daron Malakian is a music god and explodes with talent. His voice is beautiful and absolutely flawless.

Posted by Daron at 00:58 GMT on 24 March 2006

Hello.. im only 9 years old! YOU GUYS ARE MY FAVORITE BAND!! IM YOUR # 1 FAN!!!! ;] you guys are the best ;]

Posted by Riley james Mcphedran at 19:34 GMT on 28 April 2006

I recall my very first time hearing SOAD. I suppose it was a couple of songs from their first big commercial release, and, being a musician I could appreciate their tightness, unique rhythms, and the clarity of the vocals.

That being said, the overall vibe made me feel uncomfortable and squeamish. The unorthodox sudden time signature changes I found rather irritating - - much too calculated and formulaic.

If SOAD's goal is to cause dissonance with groove lovers like myself - mission accomplished! Piss off your parents and crank that ugly stuff up!

Posted by Dylan Blake at 08:04 GMT on 17 May 2006

daron kicks arse anyone who hates him hates all musicians he is the best he plays from his soul he fucken kicks arse jumps into crowds and all that shit if there was a band for each genre system of a down would be there for metal!

Posted by daz at 13:51 GMT on 3 June 2006

Daron is an outstanding guitarist, a fair song writer and a sucky vocalist. That is as much and as little as I am giving him

Posted by DjBeeRMaN at 15:19 GMT on 22 June 2006

nah i love daron's vocals they rule!!! especially when he does melodies behind serj!

Posted by andysoad at 19:03 GMT on 14 October 2006

I hate system of a down because they go into poitics their job is music right?? then just make music !!

Posted by rustu at 09:03 GMT on 21 October 2006

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