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Cigaro by System of a Down

Friday, January 14, 2005 | 0 comments

Today I downloaded Cigaro, a new track from one of the upcoming System of a Down studio albums Mezmerize/Hypnotize. I heard from some people that they received it officially by email, and it "leaked" all over the net in no time.

I don't consider myself a big SoaD fan but I have read and heard a lot of guessing about the new albums since most of my friends like System of a Down. Moreover I met most of them, including the brother of Esme, in a SoaD related chat and on SoaD related message boards. And yes, it was Esme's brother who introduced us.

But back to Cigaro. It's certainly different, but I think most people who stay in touch with System of a Down one way or another had expect a different sound anyway. In my opinion the music is more noisy. I like the part after about 54 seconds, just before Daron starts singing, a lot. But overal, it's not really a song I am going to love. Also, I consider the lyrics not as good as some other System of a Down songs I like.

But on the good side, this is just one song. I never really liked "Sugar" for example, but like some other songs of "self titled" a lot, for example Peephole, Spiders, and Suite-pee. The latter is probably my most favorite System of a Down song for now. Some other songs I like a lot don't even appear on an album, like for example "Marmalade". From the three albums I know so far I consider "self titled" as having the strongest songs, "Toxicity" the nicests songs, and "Steal this Album!" the best album overall.

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