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Friday, January 14, 2005 | 0 comments

Quite some Open Source projects have one or even several mailing lists. Lists for asking questions, reporting bugs, discussing new features etc. One major disadvantage of those list, or at least to me, is the mail part: getting "You got mail" warning almost every 5 minutes. Of course I could set up a different POP mailbox and check that less often but this week I discovered a much better solution: Gmane.

Just add as a Usenet (news) server to the Usenet client (for example Xnews or Mozilla Thunderbird) you use. No need to enter a username and password. The first time you post to any group you get an Authorization Required email from so make sure that you use a valid email address when you post. Just reply to this message with an empty body (to reduce traffic) and your original message and further messages will be send to the mailing list you selected.

I have been using it for a few days with the Xnews Usenet client, and it works much better compared to reading email in Mozilla Thunderbird. Make sure that you update the group list regulary (F6 in Xnews) since about 47 groups got added since I started to use Gmane. There are over 6000 groups at this time of writing.

If you maintain one or more mailing lists I recommend adding those to Gmane. Note that your list(s) don't have to be computer science related.


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