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Martinica Hill and Jurassic Park

Saturday, November 13, 2004 | 0 comments

Today we went in the afternoon to Martinica Hill, Banderilla for a nice autumn walk. At the end of the afternoon we had dinner at an excellent restaurant in Banderilla.

Back home we watched Jurrasic Park. An old movie that made a great impression on me the first time I saw it. Back then I was studying at the University of Utrecht, and a computer made by Silicon Graphics (visible in the movie) was on my wishlist.

Since I was convinced I had seen one major blooper in the movie - first you see a Tyranosaurus Rex breaking through the fence and the ground seems at the same level as the road, and some time later a car makes a huge drop off the same side of the road - I used Google to find a list of Jurassic Park bloopers.

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