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Slurping and beans

Wednesday, April 21, 2004 | 0 comments

Today I helped Esme a bit in the kitchen. Well, helped is not the right word. When I tried to mash the beans she was cooking, with two wooden spoons, the things got a life of their own, and the beans ended up all over the place.

I also made garlic sauce, without messing up the kitchen this time, using yogurt, garlic, and chile Jalapaņo. The latter is not extremely hot, so I used two. I was joking about calling it Salsa Juan, since Juan is the Spanish version of my name, John.

I also worked a lot on the XML to HTML conversion Perl script which generate the MexIT (blog) part of this site. And read I a bit on RSS and syndication, since I want to add an RSS web feed to MexIt someday.

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