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Hacking MexIT

Monday, April 19, 2004 | 0 comments

Today I worked more on the MexIT Perl program, which is the program that generates the HTML files of this blog, and added a lot of text to the MexIT XML file which the program expects as input (meaning: I have been blogging).

The web browser that I use, FireFox, keeps a history of visited sites. I was hoping that it would be easy to extract the date and time from the history.dat file using a Perl program, and hence, adding links to the right MexIT entry would be much easier. But it is in a weird format called Mork. A real nightmare could be avoided though, thanks to a solution written by Jamie Zawinski in Perl.

In the evening we ordered the scorpion terrarium cover, which will be ready tomorrow. Just a piece of glass, 24 cm by 49 cm with a 5 mm hole in the center, which will rest on top of the enclosure.

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