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In my heart, always | 6 comments

Due to sad circumstances I can't be with my children who live with their mother in New Zealand. I give them a place here to let them know they are on my mind almost every day and in my heart, always.

Jim Bokma

Jim was born March 22, 1997 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He loves to play computer games and likes nature a lot. Although he is a bit afraid of dogs he wants a puppy as a pet. Jim is quite serious for his age and a very smart kid. Already he skipped a year at school. He loves his little sister very much, and they quite often play together. Jim speaks both Dutch and English quite well. Despite his young age he is already able to do a lot on a computer. He also has some experience with taking photographs with a digital camera. Jim loves to build things with Lego and also likes to draw a lot.

Jim and I loved to take long walks in the countryside and discover new things. We enjoyed this very much in New Zealand, and hopefully we will do again so one day soon. I miss him very much.

Laurinda Bokma

Laurinda was born March 11, 2001 in Botany Downs, Auckland, New Zealand. She is a lovely kid. Always smiling and happy. When I was feeling down she was able to make me happy with her cute smile. Our little sunshine. She loves to go out and grabs her shoes and your shoes to make her point clear. Laurinda loves Lego and playing with toy cars. She is a real tomboy climbing and jumping off things all the time. When I talked to her on the phone she said "Hello Daddy, Daddy" and I got tears in my eyes. I miss her very much.

Pictures of the Children


By the end of the year 2000 we went to New Zealand to live there. After several months I got a major depression. In April 2001 my brother called me that I had to come to the Netherlands because our father's illness had progressed beyond all hope. When I arrived he had already passed away. Few days after the funeral my ex decided it was a good time to break up. Over the phone she told me she had decided to break up in the best interests of the children and couldn't handle my chronic depression anymore.

By the end of February 2003 I lost my recently found job as a Perl programmer due to being emotionally unstable. I decided to go back to the Netherlands where I was able to get support from my loving family. I arrived in the Netherlands on March 11, the birthday of my daughter Laurinda.

Instead of recovering in the Netherlands, the opposite happened. I was very lucky to meet some people on line who, besides my family, kept me going on, on to the next day. Autumn 2003 I got into an online relation with Esme, a girl living in Mexico, and after a few months we decided that we wanted a real relation, so I took the first available flight to Mexico.

More contact

At this moment there is some contact between me and the children: I now and then receive an email from my children. Although often very short, it's very welcome and I even got a few pictures by email.

Moreover, I just before my birthday in 2005 I received a t-shirt, a handmade card by Jim, and artwork made by Laurinda, and another card with R2D2 on it.

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