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Due to sad circumstances I can't be with my children who live with their mother in New Zealand. I give them a place here to let them know they are on my mind almost every day and in my heart, always.

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First off, let me say your children are beautiful.

I can't begin to appreciate how much being away from them must be making you suffer and (without going into a rant about your heartless ex- leaving you at a time when you needed her the most...) I do hope you find happiness with Esme.

I will continue to look forward to reading your posts on USENET and reading the new articles you post here.

Posted by TW at 10:31 GMT on 13 March 2006

Definitely a sad situation you're in reagrding your children. Regardless of details of whatever the situation was in New Zealand (i.e., why you & your ex broke it off), its terrible to think of being without your kids. Best wishes to you warming the heart of your ex so that you can see your kids.

Posted by CFL at 19:10 GMT on 15 September 2006

I'm so sorry to read about this sad separation of you and your children. They are really sweet! I hope you get to live with them again sometime soon.

Posted by Arul at 21:14 GMT on 21 February 2007

Your children are adorable. Thank you for telling us about them, I really hope you can see them and spend time together before they're grown. I'm not too religious but I will say a prayer for you before bed. That woman who left you when she did has no heart, I think youre better off without her. Best of luck with Esme.

Posted by Aaron at 04:32 GMT on 19 March 2007

Good to see someone being so honest with their emotions. Good luck with everything.

Posted by littlebeaver at 15:42 GMT on 3 April 2007

I hope you will find inner peace and I think it would be great for you and your kids if you could at least once a year travel to see your kids. Try to save money with that objective. You could also travel with Esmeralda.

Be strong.


Posted by Fernando at 19:16 GMT on 26 April 2007

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