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Comments: Removing the Go button and search bar


Since I use smart keywords I never use the search bar (to search using Google, Yahoo!, Amazon, etc.) and Go button with Mozilla Firefox. With smart keywords I just press Ctrl+L to put the focus on the address bar, then type the smart keyword for the kind of search I want to do, for example g for Google search, followed by one or more keywords. In my opinion this just works faster.

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FANTASTIC!! JUST the help I was looking for as I added the Google Toolbar, so I was struggling to get rid of the searchbox in right corner. Thanks!!

Posted by geo at 01:09 GMT on 14 January 2006

I dont know when the stinking Search Bar, and Go button appeared, but I dont like an app taking up precious screen space. Thanks for the info on deleting them....GONE! I know how to access a search engine from my favorites!

Posted by Nick at 02:21 GMT on 25 May 2006

Nice one John, i wanted to get rid of the google search and could not find out how.

Posted by Tonnie at 18:09 GMT on 27 June 2006

September 2/06

Thank God someone had some valuable information here on how to remove that crazy, annoyance go button and search bar. I don't know how I got it on my screen, but thank God I came upon this site, and information how to remove it. Now the damn thing is gone. Boy, was that ever annoying me all day. I tried every means possible, and finally came on this site, after typing into google, and this site was here. thanks guy who did this fantastic work.

Posted by Clifton Small at 21:58 GMT on 2 September 2006

OMG! Thankyou. I was able to read your explanation! YOU ARE THE MAN!

Posted by Sam at 11:51 GMT on 24 June 2007

I wanted to get rid of the search box so my son could use the browser with less chance of seeing stuff he shouldn't see. I was at a loss until I read this. Thanks so much!

Posted by Charl at 20:03 GMT on 19 November 2007

Thank you!!! I am thrilled that you posted this fix because I had 3 search bars at the top of my screen.

Posted by Michelle at 19:38 GMT on 30 July 2010

Thanks mate, the one i was searchin for! John Bokma WIN!


Posted by ime at 13:25 GMT on 30 March 2011

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